Light & Display

Getting the best out of your display. Whether you need assurance that your LCD, LED and OLED backlit monitors are within specified parameters or you simply want to verify color uniformity, Konica Minolta offers a range of Display Measurement instruments for all your display measurement needs, such as color analyzers, spectroradiometers, color meters and luminance meters to measure uniformity, chromacity, and other factors.

Display measurement often goes overlooked, but it's an integral factor to consider. Whether you need to measure and control the ambient light of a room, ensure color uniformity, check the peak wavelength of your backlit LCD monitor, or just verify the specifications of your monitoring equipment, Konica Minolta has everything you need in display measurement equipment. Our full line of quality display measurement equipment, from portable light meters to ultra-sensitive portable or fixed station spectroradiometers, has something to match each and every demand, and one can never be too precise. Konica Minolta display measurement equipment is held to the highest of standards, and ensures an accurate reading every time. When you want the utmost in professionalism and accuracy, you want Konica Minolta display measurement equipment. Please browse the variety of display measurement equipment below to find the right display measurement device to suit your needs.

Light Measurement : Illuminance Meters, Luminance Meters, Chroma Meters,

Display Measurement : Spectroradiometers, Display Color Anlayzers, 2D Color Analyzers.