Software Solutions

Spectramagic NX Color Data Software, with its step by step assistance
in navigation, prefixed templates, simplified tutorials and customized
reports brings users an ease of use that they've never before experienced.
With the software's advanced control for use and color measurement
functions, engineers are using it across a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, paint and coatings, cosmetics, food, plastics and textiles.
SpectraMagic NX allows for quick and accurate color control and inspection of outbound color critical items, inter-process production and raw parts and materials. Users have access to templates that are pre-defined for pass/fail determination, research and development analysis and statistical process control.
CM-SA Skin Analysis Software. Used in many applications for obtaining an accurate measurement of skin color, the CM-SA operates in conjunction with a spectrophotometer. It's a highly non-intrusive process that does not create stress for the subject.