Light Measurement

Konica Minolta light meters are well known for its accuracy in the world of lighting.  Our latest range of light meters are designed to light sources accurately. Konica Minolta blends cutting edge photometric technology with ergonomic design for light meters that are suitable for any job. For those on the go, many of our light meters operate on batteries and are compact and easy to use. Konica Minolta light measurement equipment is manufactured to the highest accuracy and quality. Konica Minolta has the right light measuring instrument to fit your budget and needs, whether you need to measure illuminance or luminance or chromaticity.

Illuminance Spectrophotometer CL-500A

Chroma Meter CL-200A

CRI Illuminance Meter CL-70F

Luminance Meter LS-160

Luminance Meter LS-150

Illuminace Meter T-10A and T-10MA