The Color of Virgin Coconut Oil

The color of virgin coconut oil is colorless and clear.  In the production of virgin coconut oil (VCO), specification indicates VCO is colorless and clear.  VCO, a colorless and clear pure coconut oil is a high value oil.  It is pressed from fresh mature kernel without heat and chemical treatment and has wide range of applications… Read More »

What Is A Chroma Meter?

What is a chroma meter?  What is a chroma meter?  The Konica Minolta Chroma meter is a meter to measure color or technically a colorimeter.  Konica Minolta range of colorimeters are known as chroma meters.  Developed in the 1980s, the chroma meters went through a series of upgrade.  And today, the Chroma Meter CR-400 and… Read More »

Setting Up A Color Quality Program

Setting up a color quality program can be daunting as color science or color technology are not taught in schools.  Terms like CIE L*a*b*, whiteness and yellow indices and ΔEab seems foreign.  With technical terms like illuminants D65, A, TL84, d/8, 45/0, geometry, SCE and SCI, it can get complicated and hard to comprehend. Most… Read More »

Chlorophyll Meter SPAD-502Plus

Chlorophyll Meter SPAD-502Plus is an easy to use meter to estimate the chlorophyll content of plants.  The SPAD-502Plus measures the ‘greeness’ of a leave.  Simply place the leave between the sensors to take a measurement.  A non-destructive test, the Chlorophyll Meter SPAD-502Plus is easy to use and therefore data collection on site is simple. Many… Read More »

The Benefits of Measuring Colors

Spectrophotometers, colorimeters or chroma meters measure colors.   The color data are expressed in numbers of a color space like CIE L*a*b* and therefore the benefits of measuring colors are: Research and Development Precise Color Communication Color Library Quality Improve Yield Productivity Trend Analysis Shade Sorting The above benefits of measuring colors are done with CIE L*a*b*… Read More »

The Right Color For Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are used in healthcare, food and cleanroom industry for protection and prevention.  Generally made from nitrile, vinyl or natural rubber.  Traditionally, color of disposable glove are only available in white or blue. Today, with the growing importance of color coding in personal protective equipment, disposable gloves are available in many colors.  And getting… Read More »

The Color of Flour

Flour is one of the most important food ingredient and is a major diet for many around the world.  From bread to biscuits, to cakes, to noodles, flour based products are enjoyed in many flavors.  Flour is milled from wheat and the milling process yields many flour types and therefore flour quality is often associated… Read More »

What is CIE Lab Color Space?

Color space is a three dimensional color model for precise color communication – to describe color numerically.  Commission Internationale de l´Eclairage (CIE) is a worldwide cooperation and standardisation organisation on color and vision.  In 1976, CIE recommended CIE L*a*b* color space for precise color communication. The color space expresses color numerically and is use for precise color… Read More »