By | 05/22/2020

There are many stages in manufacturing seatbelt webbing and automotive interior fabrics. Multiple production steps are always met with challenges in ensuring that the finished products produced are with the same color standard in every single time. Color and appearance in automotive interior starting from plastics panels to the fabric used in seats and even in seatbelt webbing is important to control and manage.

Take for example this Multi-National Japanese seatbelt maker, They are using Konica Minolta CM-2600d to ensure consistent color reproduction of their manufactured seatbelt webbing product for their major automotive brand client. They use this device to evaluate the color of the dyed seatbelt webbing, as well as the effect of various finishes, like yellowing, reding, darkening etc. And since they also have other factories across the globe, CM-2600d became a standard of choice for color measurement tool due to its high inter-instrument agreement (IIA). It allows consistent and streamlined data collection and sharing within a factory as well as in their factories abroad, supply chain or multiple customers.

Note:  There is an upgraded version of this spectrophotometer – the CM-26dG which now comes with an ISO compliant 60-degree gloss measurement function, large color display which shows measurement data either numerically or graphically.