By | 04/13/2020

Back in the early 80’s, Konica Minolta introduced the Chroma-Meters series; the first portable colour measurement instruments which suddenly made colour control, even for small and medium sized companies, possible and affordable, and thus became the global pioneer for portable colour measuring equipment. Since then, the Chroma-Meter series became a “defacto standard”, especially in the food and ingredients industry with thousands of application references around the globe. Today, the CR-400 series continuous this heritage through its still unmatched simple operation, portability, high durability and reliability as well as total flexibility in terms of sample forms, from solids, paste, powder and granules to liquids. To make the handling of various sample forms easy and even more important with a minimum of preparation time, a large range of dedicated optional accessories such as glass cells, Petri-dish’s and sample holders are available. Other reasons for the popularity of the Konica Minolta Chroma-Meter’s is their portability enabling measurements “in the filed” as well as their robustness and reliability to sustain even harsh operational conditions.