By | 04/17/2020

Earlier this morning, I got some fresh milk and a piece of loaf bread. Yes, a Bread. Let me tell you something about this popular staple food around the globe. Bread is made from dough of flour by the process of baking. From large bakeries and bread manufacturers, you might be wondering how a piece of bread goes under stringent quality check before it goes on mass production to finished product then straight to the grocery stores and supermarket shelves. While you might not employed at a quality bakery or large bread manufacturing facilities. It is possible for you to be able to quality assess a bread like the best of them. Here’s some guide that describes the important qualities you must looking for a bread.

Crust Color
Depending on the type of bread. Bread may have a variety of hues in its crust, ranging from light golden color to golden brown color. Most of the time, having a color of crust can be attractive to the eyes of the buyers as it entice them and make it perceive as a bread is tasty.

More than just the looks and color, you should be able to smell that flavor before you even bite it and dissolves into your mouth. A good bread should have a good flavor. Some bread may come sweets, some are salty and some are just fine. Sometimes taste is a personal preference but it shouldn’t taste like you’re eating a stone.

A good finish or glaze (some are glossy in finish especially on sweet bread) may speaks as an indicator of good bread quality. Sometimes bread finish is a result of variation in baking temperature, food color added, and the type of flour used.

So while on a lockdown, next time you’re having a breakfast. Why don’t you take a closer look on a bread on your table.

Additional Information

For large bakeries and bread manufacturers, when it comes to controlling and maintaining the color consistency of their baked goodies. More than just using bare eyesight for visual sensory evaluation, these bread manufacturers also rely on using colorimeters to measure the raw flour and crust color differences from baking temperatures for R&D experiment and QA evaluation. Below photo is an actual example of color measurement for bread using Konica Minolta CR-400. | Vitabread Food Products (Gardenia Pampanga) Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines – Feb 2020.