By | 04/17/2020

In the Automotive Industry, it is very important to them produce and maintain the great paint job finish for a mass production car they produced. As color speaks to quality of craftmanship in the plant, Color sells too. Such examples are the paint job of a car panel and its bumper. Now what happens when these two parts all of a sudden look different? Customer perceived this as result of poor craftsmanship and over-all poor quality.

Using a chromameter / spectrophotometer and having good quality control practices eliminates this variable as a problem. It is important therefore that paint job and coatings be consistent on every panel or across different parts of the car. It is for these reasons that many manufacturing industries invest in tools and equipment like chromameter and spectrophotometer to monitor the color, paint and coatings of their products, from cars, printing and furniture to food, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics.