By | 04/30/2020

Four years ago, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Institute of Science & Technology Research under the College of Biology conducted a research about ripening of fruits; Using a Konica Minolta CR-10 plus color reader, they constantly monitor the changes in color of these bananas each day to determine ripeness and how many days it takes for a certain banana to get ripe from the tree. This research is related to the development of their own formulation of edible nano-coat for fruits and vegetables. The aim of nano-coat is to be able to extend the life of fruits and vegetable and preserve them longer while in transport or refrigeration. Physically, the coating is not apparent to the eye, is not a film due to immersion applied to the fruit surface active substances absorbed, obtaining a product ready to eat.

Using the CR-10 plus, they constantly monitor the changes in color day to day in different banana samples, from the nano-coated bananas to the uncoated samples. It shows that the nano-coated banana samples extended its green color before it ripe, turns into yellow compared to the uncoated bananas.

The CR-10 Plus color reader is used to assess color differences between two samples. Its compact design allows it to be used easily in the field, or in the lab. This is a high-quality and economical instrument that is perfect for users in need of an easy-to-use color reader. The CR-10 Plus does not sacrifice elegance for simplicity. It is easily operable and ergonomic for repeated use over long periods of time.