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Setting Up A Color Quality Program

Setting up a color quality program can be daunting as color science or color technology are not taught in schools.  Terms like CIE L*a*b*, whiteness and yellow indices and ΔEab seems foreign.  With technical terms like illuminants D65, A, TL84, d/8, 45/0, geometry, SCE and SCI, it can get complicated and hard to comprehend. Most… Read More »

What is CIE Lab Color Space?

Color space is a three dimensional color model for precise color communication – to describe color numerically.  Commission Internationale de l´Eclairage (CIE) is a worldwide cooperation and standardisation organisation on color and vision.  In 1976, CIE recommended CIE L*a*b* color space for precise color communication. The color space expresses color numerically and is use for precise color… Read More »