The Color of Virgin Coconut Oil

By | 11/05/2018

The Color of Virgin Coconut Oil is Colorless and ClearThe color of virgin coconut oil is colorless and clear.  In the production of virgin coconut oil (VCO), specification indicates VCO is colorless and clear.  VCO, a colorless and clear pure coconut oil is a high value oil.  It is pressed from fresh mature kernel without heat and chemical treatment and has wide range of applications in cosmetics and food.

VCO consumers look for a colorless and clear oil.  And manufacturers make effort to ensure that VCO is colorless and clear.  A spectrophotometer is used to check the color and clarity of VCO.

Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-5 measures color.  VCO is placed in a cuvettee and positioned in the transmittance chamber to measure color and clarity.  Color can be numercially expressed in the CIE L*a*b* or CIEL*C*h color space.   A general color tolerance adopted by manufacturers is color difference ΔEab 0.5.

Download a copy of how to measure the color and clarity of VCO here.  For more information on measuring VCO color and clarity, write to us.

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