Packaging Clarity and Color

By | 10/15/2018

Packaging Clarity and Color - Preforms Caps ClosuresThe consumer is captivated by design and color making packaging clarity and color important.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a clear resin and is a good choice for beverage packaging.  PET is strong, flexible and light weight.  It is non-toxic and safe.  And is recyclable.  It is a popular choice for personal care, household, food and beverages packaging.  PET is flexible and can be made in many shapes and sizes.

Transparent packaging comes with high clarity and rich colors.  For fully transparent bottles, clarity of the bottles need to be consistent to show the contents.  While color consistency for colored bottles need to be the same when lined up in the retail shelf.

Packaging clarity and color inconsistencies create a poor quality and brand image.  Established brands take effort to ensure that packaging clarity and color are consistent.  And are made to exact specifications.

Konica Minolta spectrophotometers and chroma meters helps brand owners maintain packaging clarity and color consistently.  Check out this article on color control for preform bottles, caps and closures.